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Thread: Leafs Eliminated from Playoffs

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    It's tough to say. There have been times during the game that I question Crawford's strategy/match up. Yes considering only 1 out of the 3 players on the big line plays defense that's pretty bad.

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    Hi Tawcan & *cho*

    Tawcan & *cho*
    From what i've read and heard re Talk Shows on the Maple Leaf TV Network is that there is a rift in the Dressing Room and it carries over to the Game.

    Apparently Naslund & Bertuzzi are in one Camp and the rest of the Team in another.

    In my opinion Bertuzzi should be the guy held partly responsible and probably should be traded. I think he needs a new local and like Heatley it would probably do both he and the Canucks good to do so.

    Sports is a crazy thing wherein Team must be together and because of that willing to do whatever it takes without thought to aid a Teammate. Whether that be taking a check or sacrificing Ice Time to ensure their Team always has the best chance to Win. Seldom do Teams with that kind of chemistry do poorly in a Season.

    Toronto is in the same boat with Domi on one side and a few others disrupting Team chemistry. It showed. They to need a shakeup.

    In neither case however do i feel the Coaches are to blame.

    Just my opinion.

    Thanks Fellas




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