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Thread: Ultimate Boot CD for Windows RC5

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    Ultimate Boot CD for Windows RC5

    There is a release candidate for UBCD4W now available for download.
    UBCD4W now includes the PE Builder (they bought a licensed copy )

    Linkl to info and download

    I just downed it and ran it, the CD worked flawlessly. Haven't had time to test all the apps and features yet though. (Firefox works )

    Download it and put it in a folder to run it. After it extracts run pebuilder to create the ISO and CD.
    You'll need a copy of your WinXP(SP2) CD or Win2K3 CD to point to for the files needed to make it work.

    Good luck and enjoy.

    P.S. Once you have one of these bootable CD's it will make fixing your PC a lot easier when the time comes.

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    Best CD you can make!

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    thanks, gonna try it now.
    Best Buy should use it:
    No one has any right to force data on you
    and command you to believe it or else.
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    It truly is the best CD out there for the novice. No experience is needed to make your own bootable CD that boots to a live windows xp environment.

    Although it includes quite a few freeware utilities and applications, it can be customized (with some time and effort) to included any application or driver you like.

    I will start using this now as a base for my own personal CD.
    I use quite a few apps not on this CD, but made up plugins for them long ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyT
    thanks, gonna try it now.
    Best Buy should use it:


    Accused?!? Hell.. I could show PROOF on the old tech computer from all the techs installing all thier "toys" on there and making it look legit with CD Cracks and False data.. BBY manchester has illegal version of nero 8 pro running that the First In-home agent installed.... Hell any game or App returned that was opened "defective" but we found to work or was an age issue, like a kid bought it and the cashier didn't check issue... it was on that computer in ISO form or installed.. If i knew of the sites then that i know now for reporting stupid crap like that I would have.. That store pissed me off with all the stupid things going on like that..
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