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Thread: WIFI Issues when downloading videos

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    WIFI Issues when downloading videos

    Hello ! I'm French and hope to be understood !
    Previously, I used a 10 m long cable to connect my PC from the network source. Surf was good, and downloading videos (avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv files from 50 to 350 Mbytes sized) with 230 / 240 Kbytes/sec speed.
    In order to eliminate this cable running through my apartment, I move to a WIFI installation as follows :
    Network source -> Freebox (my Internet Provider DSL Modem) -> Linksys WRT54G router --> 2 PC in WIFI mode with PCI cards Hercules Wireless G PCI.
    Now, Surf is good, Signal Force (75%) is "Good or Very Good" , Speed is 54,0 Mbytes/sec.
    The problem is that the downloading video is no more possible, as speed is now from 8 (eight) to 10 (ten) Kbytes/sec !
    I followed all Linksys instructions, I used TCP Optimizer, but there is no improvement. There is no problem on video provider side, which send videos with 300 Kbytes/sec Speed.
    There is something wrong in my WIFI parameters, but I don't know where...
    Many thanks for your help. Best regards.

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    If your wrt54g is version 1-4...try out 3rd party firmware...such as
    1) Hyper-WRT
    2) DD-WRT

    Some good stuff on this firmware at this forum...

    Hyper-wrt is very similar to Linksys firmware in looks and function
    DD-wrt is all different from the ground up.

    Both run a bit better, are more stable, and also allow you to "crank up" your wireless power. Read the instructions before installing this's good to reset your router to factory defaults first.

    This may improve it enough for you to find it workable.
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