Hello all/Izzo:

I read the other thread as google linked me here. I'm hoping someone has the expertise to help me out, because I'm at loss here.

Here's what I'm using:

Bittorrent client: Azureus
Modem: Westell 6100 (Verizion DSL)
Router: D-link DGL 4300
Firewall: Norton Internet security 2002 (software)

Ok now for the basics:

- The westell modem has the firewall option disabled and allows all traffic (at least that what it says).
- In norton, I've allowed everything for azureus
- I've opened the ports forwarding for azurues in the router, 6969 6881-6889 (default bittorrent profile in the router).
- I made the port 6969 for azurues and I still get nat errors.
- The azurues client has a yellow smiley face and says at the bottom: "firewalled" with a red circle, "DHT Firewalled" with a yellow circle and the ratio is a green circle.

Now with xbox 360, you're able to test the nat and I get the ok saying it's open, but for bittorrent clients it's always an error.

what am I doing wrong? It's driving me nuts