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Thread: Some questions in relation to gaming lag, please help!

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    Some questions in relation to gaming lag, please help!

    Hi, i am an ADSL user and i got some issuses with gaming lag, please help me out.

    WARCRAFT3 FT is a game i play regularly online. recently i get massive "lag" in connecting to the server. not mentioning about playing the game online, i can barely log onto my account. 1st, its taking ages to log on to the server, secondly, even if i was connected to the server, i get massive lag that the games are simply unplayable.

    please note that.
    1. my internet seems to work fine as i did various speed checks on some mirrors. ie.

    Test run on 22/3/2006 @ 1:55 A.M.

    Mirror: Exetel
    Test type: ADSL

    Your connection speed:

    kbps: 1173.3
    KB/s: 146.6625
    Mbps: 1.14580078125

    Test run on 22/3/2006 @ 1:59 A.M.

    Mirror: Exetel
    Test type: ADSL

    Your connection speed:

    kbps: 1172.9
    KB/s: 146.6125
    Mbps: 1.14541015625

    2. i dun think its the server's problem, cause every1 else seems to be fine with their connections.

    3. dun think its the ISP provider's problem, since no1 has addressed this issue to the ISP's forum yet.

    4. i can browse the web just fine and DL speed is fast as normal.

    5. i suspected that it might be caused by virus and etc. therefore i downloaded this Stinger from Mcafee and nothing seems to be wrong.

    can somebody please help me. i love gaming and its the only thing i do besides uni.

    thank you so much.


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    other than running all the maintenence you can on your PC I'm not sure...

    Use multiple programs for scanning for adware/malware/spyware

    windows defender
    spyware blaster

    If you actually use mcafee as your antivirus of choise that could also be your problem ....Mcafee, like Norton, is a resource hog and it doesn't catch everything ...try AVG antivirus or some other freebie and scan to see if they catch could also run a hijack this log and paste the results

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    have tried most of them....

    still dun work.....

    gosh.....wts wrong....

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    were getting a decent ping in the past and then all of a sudden you're not or???

    I mean don't expect much trying to connect to a server in BF, Egypt...I assume you're aware of all this ....

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    New game?, reformat?

    Just a thought.

    Bugs and twists and browser help files might not be what your looking for.

    Could even slow down your connection(if possible) has helped me in the past.

    ping is just a thing(dos command prompt line)

    I've been in games online where my ping was ten times the norm, but with netwrok card cleanups, did not get booted, the other 4 peeps did?

    I still use adaware and spybot for spyware. I use iris to clean up the router, fac's r not as firewalled as you think?

    does this help? do I know what i'm talking about?, probably not, I just like to share.

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    A/V Lag

    I had lag issues with CoD and CoD2. I had upgraded from Norton 2003 to Norton 2005 (everything worked fine with 2003). It took me 8 months to find the problem. It was stumbling across threads like these that helped me. I just didn't think that an A/V program could cause such lag (I had good ping also). It was the Norton 2005 that was my problem. Just disabling the program is not enough as there are many Symantec services running in the background. I uninstalled anything Symantec/Norton and am now using BitDefender 9. Things now appear to be back to normal. Like other threads have said, "Norton truly is a resource hog". I hope this is helpful to all. Norton is obviously a good A/V program, but is not good for gaming.

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    Your ping to the server pretty low and steady? Run a tracert to the server IP and see if your getting any packet loss. Post the server IP here and a few of us will run a tracert and compare to yours if you want.

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