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Thread: Is this a good page to get the stuff from?

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    Exclamation Is this a good page to get the stuff from?

    Check out this site:
    I don't know if this will help load the firmware but it seems like it should work. We gotta get this thing cracked!!!

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    whoops its supposed to be under the one for uncapping the sb3100 cable modem

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    It's impossible to remove the cap on your cable modem unless you have acces to your provider's hardware. The cap isn't software based, it's actually a piece of hardware. So no matter what you download it wont help.


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    I have a a Surfboard cable modem model SB3100 which can be found at I need to uncap this thing somehow. My ISP is Earthlink which can be found at and I have the bonze package with my cable modem, a detailed list of packages can be found @ You can see from that page that this is a rip off. My cable company is Charter Communications and can be found at Anyway I am pretty sure with my Charter Pipline Bronze package that it is capped. I get about 92 or 93 KBPS all the time. And my upload speed it terrible with 14Kbps uploads! If anyone can help me improve my speed somehow please help. I have researched uncapping for sometime and I am being lead to the conclusion that is somewhat imposible. All i know how to do with my Surfboard SB3100 is look at it's webserver at If you can help please e-mail me!

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    Uncapping is not permitted on this forum. See here for more info.


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