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    I have an internal PABX (intercom) connection for all internal phones in my office. I now decide to use my internet connection for them through RAS. If I dial into my server through any of these inytercom lines, I get connected to the server, but the connection is too slow or sometime, I may not able to browse at all. But from my server or normal phone lines, the browsing speed is fast. May I know why? Is it because I am using PABX (intercom) for the connection? Or is there a special software for this type of connection. Someone, help. My server is NT and I installed RAS on it.

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    Many PABX cannot handle speeds as fast as even a 28.8 modem. Moreover, you cannot do better than 33.6 over an analog line. (56k circuits are always digital at the ISP).

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    I connect at 33.6Kbps, but still have the same slow speed problem. Any RAS software for Win98.

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