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Thread: Does it matter how my cable modem feed is hooked up inside my cable box outside???

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    Post Does it matter how my cable modem feed is hooked up inside my cable box outside???

    Also will removing the filters that block channels increase my speed???

    My cable comes to my house and then (inside the box) it goes into two filters to block the hbo,showtime,etc,etc channels: from there it goes into a three way splitter with a 3.5 db drop on the first leg and 7.5 db drop on the other two: from the middle leg (which once again has a 7.5 dp drop) there is a jumper going to another two way splitter that has 2 legs at 3.5 db each... On this two way splitter my cable modem feed is attached: So i am droppiing 11 db through two splitters before it reaches my cable modem feed... This is the way the cable guy hooked it up and what I want to know is will hooking it up to a lower db drop increase my speed??? Any comments would be helpful???

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    no he is are screwed!

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    I'll be checking back throughout the day so any info would be appreciated... Thanks bc...

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    It's not going to increase your speed. It may give you a better or worse signal to the modem, which will either go unnoticed or it will drop the connection like crazy. One or the other.
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    i have a similar situation
    i have an @home cable connection, @work cable connection and cable tv and cable digitial phone.
    i know a couple friends at the head end and some local techs. so i had the @work line uncapped and my hbo 1 filter removed.
    my speeds before the filter was removed:
    @home average dl @ 350K /up @ 20K
    @work average dl @400K / up @ 100K

    after removing the hob filter:
    @home average dl @ 450K / up @ 20K
    @work average dl @ 400K / up @ 150K

    i can only speculate that that physical filter than runs inline between your cable must hamper the bandwidth just a little since i did see a slight increase. btw, the speed patches seem to help speeds with older oses cause w2k seems to run those average speed bone stock.
    my next step is to have one of my tech friends run me a dedicated line and make sure im getting proper voltage with my setup.
    i dont think i will ever see speeds like the theoretical 10baseT limit of about 1.25K/sec though. good luck to you..

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    Funny you mention the HBO filter. I had a cable modem and it would keep dropping the connection or I would have VERY slow speeds. The guy came out 3-4 times but I still had the same problem. The last time he came out I noticed I now had HBO, I didn't before AND my cable modem has been perfect ever since with great D/L speeds. That HBO 1 filter must have something to do with it.

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    Being a cable tech, I must tell you that your HBO filter must have been going bad. Cable internet comes over a different frequency than HBO, so shouldn't have an effect. For ppl that don't know about frequency, think of cable internet as 2 channels, 1 for downloading and 1 for uploading. I suspect that the HBO filter you had either was going bad or had moisture seeping through the threads which hamper the signal. AS for all the splitters, I would have put a Directional Coupler (DC-6) or a 2 way splitter right after the ground block. One of the sides would feed your TVs and the other side would feed the internet connection.
    I would call the cable company back and see if they would come rewire it properly. After all of those splitters, I am sure the return path is borderline, though you may have a hot enough signal that it will work properly.
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    return path failed, call a main line guy!!


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