hey guy/gals just though i would share some info with you i just got off the phone with a Telus service rep i am upgrading my 1.5 to 2.5 but that is not what i wanted to share the thing is he ask me what speed i was getting from the speed tests and i told him 1280kb/s and he said that the reason i was getting this slower speed was that i was on there older system and even if i didn't upgrade they could have switched me over onto the new hardware (for free) and said i would then be getting the full 1.5mb/s so i thought i would share with you that and maby if you are not getting your full speed that you should call them and ask about getting switched to the new system (he said they dont switch everyone over) but if you ask and they have space open for you they will switch it over.
I will be on the new system and he said i should be getting the full 2.5mb/s so on friday i will let you know if i do get that speed and if the new system is worth getting hooked up to hope this helps anyone on telus highspeed.