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Thread: High ping, ISP finds no problem

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    Unhappy High ping, ISP finds no problem

    So my internet has ran fine for 6 months or so, now suddenly ping is through the rough. I'm averaging 300+ms on all hops that traverse through my isp before heading out to where ever (isp is comcast). Anyways, a tech comes out and test my conn. speeds and everything is fine. He even replaces the splitters. For a short time my ping drops, but a mere three hours later it's back up. Any suggestions? I've ran the optimizer etc. I just need help at this point! I can no longer play BF2 and i'm going through withdrawals.

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    Does it happen at certain time of day, or do you have the high pings at all times / at random ?

    Have you made any physical changes, like moving cables or devices around ?

    When you do experience the problems, have you tried a traceroute ? Does the spike in latency happen between you and the first hop, or is it further down the path ? Is it at your ISP ?

    Just some suggestions to help you troubleshoot it...

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    I have the same problem. Most of the time the latency comes from the second hop (directly after my router so I guess we can call it the first hop). I did everything and it happens at random. Could it be a faulty modem?

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    If you have a Cable or DSL Modem then try Unpluging the Power to it for about minute and plug in the power try it. It should help a Little if that's the problem. If not then it maybe the computer, If you have a Virus Software Do A FULL SCAN on your Computer. If not go and Buy One.

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