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Thread: Question about network setup and speed

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    Question about network setup and speed

    I currently have two computers at home, a desktop hardwired to my router and a wireless laptop. The router is a linksys 54g.

    My 1st question is: What is the correct way to set them up to share files and printers. I tried doing it with the windows CD and it seemes to work I just don't know if is the "right" way to do it as not all files show in “my network” That brings me to my 2nd question.

    I went to transfer approximately 2000 mp3 about 11gig and it took about 2 hours, is this normal sipped or should I be transferring faster? What should I expect speed wise when transferring files?


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    You will only be able to browse through shared files on a network PC. So from the laptop you will only be able to see the folders that you have shared on the desktop. It is a really bad idea to share a whole drive. Just decide on what files will need to be shared, and share only them.

    The speeds sound about right to me. Remember that with the wireless you will get 54Mbps at best. Many things can interfere with this and cause a slowdown. You can check your signal strength, and see what speed the devices are communicating at. Such a large transfer will also be limited by how fast the disk drives can write the files, which would be especially true for a laptop HD. Keep in mind also that 54Mbps is Mega bits per second, and files are measured in Mega Bytes (MB). There are 8 bits in a byte, so in terms of MBps your transfer is actually just under 7MBps.

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