Hello there!

First post ever on this board - seems like a friendly place!

I have just moved to a new home and created my first wireless network. I'm using a 3com Office Connect router (11g) with a Belkin internal PCI WiFi card on my main PC and a 3Com PCMCIA card on the house laptop.

Generally speaking, I'm finding the network to be rock solid, with one problem so far...

The problem I'm finding is that when online on my main PC (playing games) at the same time as the missus is on the laptop, my gaming freezes up significantly. She only surfs and reads mail on her lappy, whilst I have serious gaming to do!!

I notice that the connection quality for me goes down when she's on from excellent to good (54 mbps to 18mps). At the same time, things freeze up.

I don't see any other wireless networks in the area using NetStumbler.

I haven't yet upgraded the firmware on the router.

I have the router configured to filter on MAC addresses but do not have WPA encryption turned on yet.


- Is it possible that the signals from both her machine and my machine are clashing?

- Is there a way of analysing the traffic and fixing this problem, whatever it is?

- Is there a way of rationing the bandwidth (I want her to have 25% and me 75% of the bandwidth)?

Thanks very much in advance!