I have a 12mb dl / 1mb upload DSL line.

When i am downloading or uploading with P2P softare i have no probs and get full speed both ways. Also it seems like when im DLing files from the web i have no problems getting full speed.

The problem comes in when i try to upload single files to anything but a P2P system. For example, i have an FTP server set up on this box and when ppl DL from it they always max out at about 25k/sec if they DL a single file. If they do multiple files then they can get around 100k/sec. Same thing if I try to send a file over an IM. The most the receiver gets is about 25k/sec. THis is not a problem with the reveivers line speed as i have tested all this out with may different ppl.

Any ideas what is limiting the UL speed? Any solution?

Thanks in advance.