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Thread: Setting up modem & wireless router

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    Setting up modem & wireless router


    I need some help setting up my modem/wireless router.

    From what I've gathered, my adsl router/modem (Dlink 502T) needs to go into bridge mode. I found a setting when I log into the modem to put it into bridge mode.

    My wireless router is a Netgear 108mbs router.

    What do I do to make these two work together?

    So far what I've tried is:

    - put the modem in bridge mode
    - connected to router
    - all lights are on and so forth

    but then when I try to log into the router the page is not opening via the 192.168...

    My other questions are:

    - My lan connection is not set to obtain IP automatically. It has IP/subnet etc stuff put in as well as DNS server (under TCP/IP) connections. That's how the guy who set it up to work on the normal modem/router got it working. He said that's the settings for the ISP I'm using. I also have a proxy I have to use to access the internet. Will I need to change the TCP/IP settings to different numbers since I'm not using that modem directly anymore?

    - When you put a modem into bridge mode, where does your username/password for your ADSL account end up being entered?

    I'm sorry for the many questions. I've spent hours searching google and other places trying to work it out but I can't seem to work it out.

    There is no support in this country for me since my ISP won't do support for routers and their is no contact for the manufacturers here.

    Thankyou in advance!

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    What you want to do is document first...what your current TCP settings are. Write them down...IP/subnet mask/gateway, and the two DNS servers. This is probably whats preventing you from logging into your router and setting it up, you need to have your IP set to obtain auto, or on a 192.168.0.XXX scheme.

    Now...configure your current dsl modem/router to pure bridge modem....not knowing your modem, I don't know how to tell you to change it..but most of them allow you do to that, and there may be a section where you can tell it that you'll do your PPPoE on your computer or another router..choose that too.

    Now..flip your TCP to "Obtain Auto"...put your router in between...and you should be able to log into your router now (per the manual)...and configure it to your connection.
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    Thanks for that. I'll try it out tonight and see how it goes.

    Just to clarify - where will I use the TCP/IP stuff (IP/subnet and DNS) again since I've put the IP to obtain auto?

    Or are they only used when I am connected to a DSL modem directly or is there somewhere I will be entering them when I'm in the router? Just making sure I haven't missed somewhere before I plug the router in.


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    dear turnado

    if you still did'nt enter your router
    try to enter it with the default gateway
    after that try Reset your router to Factory Default , that is to enter with the factory ip

    that is all i know till ask

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