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Thread: d-link di-524 wireless router/access point question

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    d-link di-524 wireless router/access point question

    I have a wired connection between my desktop and my laptop (just a crossover cable) and I am accessing the internet through a dialup modem in my desktop, these computers are in two separate buildings. since I wont be using the wan port can I put the wireless router in the same building as the laptop (it has built-in wireless access) and connect it to the cable coming fromthe ethernet card in my desktop in the other building and make it work like a wireless access point. I have never had experince with either a router or a wap so be gentle with me. the reason I want to use a d-link-di524 router that I have since maybe someday broadband will be available here, I have read vauge references to dhcp and turning it off but I need a little more detail as to how to setup. thank you

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    here's a tutorial on wireless dial-up.

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