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Thread: Apache server problem..

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    Question Apache server problem..

    Here got 1 problem..some1 pls help me!!!!

    Im using a apache web server configure as localhost...i have a small LAN...when i try to access the server from another within the LAN, by typing http://server's ip/xxx/, the browser only can display static content of the dynamic website from the server...cannot access database....anything went wrong??is it something wrong with my apache configuration file setting???

    Pls reply...thanks

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    Do you have the modules setup to give apache support for whatever scripting you're trying to use?
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    Which scripting language and which database? Is the database on the same host as apache?

    BTW - using 'localhost' as the "ServerName" is not a good idea unless you are testing locally (running apache on your dev box for testing). Better to make something up and then put an entry in your hostfile to access the page.

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    cyberskye: using php and mysql....

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    What operating system is the server?
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