I'd like to introduce our new Broadband Hardware Database.

It contains a list of broadband related hardware, catalogued by type, and a number of key features, such as number and type of WAN/LAN ports, default admin interface IP/username/password, VPN/WiFi/Firewall capabilities, links to product manuals/datasheets, and much more (over 100 features overall). Example

The database has strong filtering (by category, manufacturer, etc.), sorting (by date, user rating, popularity, etc.) and search capabilities, and we've incorporated the ability for user reviews/comments, as well as rating of the hardware. We are in the process of adding a number of popular routers and broadband modems to the list. If you have a particular brand/model you'd like to see just drop us a note. We might be adding more features to the database in the future, such as the ability to compare different pieces of hardware, possibly even ability for users to add new hardware to the list as well.

Currently, you can help us improve the database by adding comments/reviews about hardware in the database you have experience with, and by rating hardware you've used.

Please post any comments, feedback, issues with the interface here.