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Thread: VPN, router, Wireless setup.

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    VPN, router, Wireless setup.

    Hey all, here is my problem. If u can provide some advice on how to set it up, I will be grately appreciated.

    Two network needs to be connect as one. Each network has a wireless component. Both network have a fix IP address. Using Speedstream 6300 Router from Bell.

    Plan to get two Linksys BEFVP41 EtherFast Cable/DSL VPN Router w/ 4-port Switch.

    Question 1:

    What do I do when I disable DHCP in Speedstream 6300 Router. I want to use it as a modem. Do I connect the Linksys Router to the WAN/LAN port and activiate the LAN port in Speedstream’s control?


    Internet => 6300 (modem) => Linksys (VPN/Router) => LAN

    Question 2:

    The linksys router does not have a wireless component. But the Speedstream 6300 has a wireless component.

    Is it possible to use Speedstream 6300 as a modem, connect it to the Linksys and use Linksys’ as a router (DHCP and VPN host/end point), then activate Speedstream’s wireless component??

    Like this:

    Internet => 6300 (modem) => Linksys (VPN/Router) => 6300 (wireless) + LAN (Linksys)

    I have another wireless router (Netgear WGR614). If above is not possible, can I:

    Internet => Speedstream 6300 (modem) => Linksys (VPN and Router) => Netgear (wireless) + LAN (Linksys)?

    If so, how do I set netgear’s or speedstream’s wireless component? If I just activate the wireless will the router (Linksys) automatically assign the wireless computer IP addy?? In a sense, I want the wireless router to become a wireless switch.....

    Quite complicate. Thanks..

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    If I could pursued you to upgrade from the befvp routers (sorta..not so hot) the better, more business grade RV082 models. I've done a quite a few Linksys VPN setups...the fv series...sorta slow. The RV0 series... Esp the RV082 and RV016 models.

    Yes...any modems that the ISP shipped you that are running as want to change them into pure bridged mode. NAT, no DHCP, no PPPoE...just a pure dumb modem. The Speedstream models I've worked with can be set with no problem...log into the address that's on the yellow sticker on the bottom of the unit, the log in key should be on there too (password). Poke around the advanced'll find an option that says "PPPoE on computer or router". If not..a call to your ISPs support..they always walk you through it with no problems, understanding that supporting your router is not their problem.

    The speedstream would lose its wireless abilities at that point..since you're basically disabling the router component.

    If you want wireless, on top of a don't want to add another wireless router... You want to add an "access point". Now...some wireless routers have a feature when you can turn them into access an option in the firmware. Belkin units, some Linksys units (and other Linksys units with 3rd party firmware). I'm not sure about the Netgear...honestly I'm not overly fond of Netgear so don't work on them much to be very familiar with their firmware.

    If your wireless router doesn't have a feature where you can flip them into access point can do a sort of "ghetto bandaid" job on them.....1) Change their IP range to match your main routers. Meaning, if your Linksys runs 192.168.1.XXX, and your Netgear runs at 192.168.0.XXX...change the Netgear to be in the 192.168.1.XXX range..give it the standard access point IP of or like that. Write down whatever IP you gave it. Now...reboot the router, renew your workstation...and log into the new IP of it. Disable the DHCP service. Now...uplink your wireless router to one of your wired routers LAN ports...using a LAN uplink port on your wireless router...NOT the WAN port. Now you're using only the access point component of your wireless router. The wireless router will not have anything plugged into its WAN port.
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