Hey all, here is my problem. If u can provide some advice on how to set it up, I will be grately appreciated.

Two network needs to be connect as one. Each network has a wireless component. Both network have a fix IP address. Using Speedstream 6300 Router from Bell.

Plan to get two Linksys BEFVP41 EtherFast Cable/DSL VPN Router w/ 4-port Switch.

Question 1:

What do I do when I disable DHCP in Speedstream 6300 Router. I want to use it as a modem. Do I connect the Linksys Router to the WAN/LAN port and activiate the LAN port in Speedstream’s control?


Internet => 6300 (modem) => Linksys (VPN/Router) => LAN

Question 2:

The linksys router does not have a wireless component. But the Speedstream 6300 has a wireless component.

Is it possible to use Speedstream 6300 as a modem, connect it to the Linksys and use Linksys’ as a router (DHCP and VPN host/end point), then activate Speedstream’s wireless component??

Like this:

Internet => 6300 (modem) => Linksys (VPN/Router) => 6300 (wireless) + LAN (Linksys)

I have another wireless router (Netgear WGR614). If above is not possible, can I:

Internet => Speedstream 6300 (modem) => Linksys (VPN and Router) => Netgear (wireless) + LAN (Linksys)?

If so, how do I set netgear’s or speedstream’s wireless component? If I just activate the wireless will the router (Linksys) automatically assign the wireless computer IP addy?? In a sense, I want the wireless router to become a wireless switch.....

Quite complicate. Thanks..