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Thread: GIGABIT LAN + Wireless for SOHO Network

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    GIGABIT LAN + Wireless for SOHO Network


    I hope you can help me decide exactly what I require to implement the following network. Firstly let me apologise as my networking knowledge is just above novice!

    Currently I have a Netgear DG834G 802.11g Wireless ADSL Modem Router with 4port 10/100 (this is the larger silver one not the latest small white one)

    I have the following PC/Laptops/Consoles:

    Server : Dell Poweredge 6400 Server (file server) - currently has a gigabit PCI network card AS WELL as an onboard gigabit LAN connection

    PC 1 : desktop with Gigabit LAN onboard

    PC2 : desktop with Gigabit LAN PCI card

    Laptop A : wireless built in (will be looking at getting a PCMCIA Gigabit LAN card too)

    Laptop B : wireless built in AND Gigabit Ethernet built in.

    XBOX (LAN connection built in)

    PS2 (LAN connection built in)

    My need is to setup a wired Gigabit LAN network AND at the same time have wireless capability

    At the moment I have Server, PC1 and PC2 hardwired to the Netgear using CAT5e. However the Netgear only has 10/100 Ethernet connection so im not getting Gigabit LAN.

    My intension is to also Hardwire the XBOX/PS2. They are in my lounge and would like to have my WIRED LAN available in that location.

    I also make regular use of hardwiring my laptop to the Netgear when I am transferring lots of data to my server (quicker than using the wireless). I also use the wireless with both my laptops as everything is on my home windows network (server).

    The netgear also sorts out my DHCP so all my "computers" get their IP from it. The netgear also obviously is how I "share" my internet connection between all my devices.

    Q1) What I need to know is what I need to be able to get a GIGABIT network up and running.

    Do I just need a Gigabit "switch" (like the Netgear GS605) and simply connect all wired devices to it as well as having an RJ45 connection from the DG834G going to it?

    Will the DG834G still be able to act as my DHCP with the suggested implementation above?

    Any better alternative to this product is welcomed.

    What I want is to ensure that when I am transferring files over the wired GIGABIT LAN that I can do this independently of "slowing" down my internet connection - i.e. I don't want there to be a bottleneck.

    Q2) I have seen a few things about JUMBO-PACKETS - can you shed any light on this? From what I read I believe I need this capability as its good for large media file transfers?

    Q3) Im not looking for serious equipment equating to hundreds of pounds and separate IT support I don't think I need a managed switch or separate VPN firewall hardware (do i???)

    If there exists a product which has GIGABIT LAN and Wireless ADSL capability - that would probably be the best solution right? Again - this is only good for me if the LAN works without affecting my internet usage while transferring large files over the WIRED LAN.

    Im not against getting rid of the Netgear DG834G if it simplifies things - however my budget would be about 150 for the total hardware I would need.

    Your help is very much appreciated!

    if none of this makes sense or if i have talked utter rubbish anywhere - please excuse me

    if it helps i could make a little diagram with my devices and where they are in my house.

    Thanks :thumbs:

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    May be this can Help.

    Giga and Peer to Peer Home Networks.

    To use Jumbo Frames MTU has to be set to 9000.

    The D-link is not Jumbo Frames capable.

    In addtion MTU=9000 will "UnOptimize" the Internet connection.

    Read this page there is a configuration solution there.

    Setting a Home/SOHO Giga network.

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    Thanks for the links Jack.

    looks like ill be able to just connect a GIGABIT switch to my ADLS Netgear and then have the PC's hard wired to the switch.

    hope it works!

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    you should see an improvement in speeds with the above setup, but I doubt you'll see true gig-e speeds.

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