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Thread: D-Link DLG-4300 and Firmware with Xbox Live (Please Help)

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    Exclamation D-Link DLG-4300 and Firmware with Xbox Live (Please Help)


    I got the DGL-4300 yesterday (I wanted the 4100 but no one local had it in stock and I'm too impatient to buy it online and wait).

    It came stock with firmware 1.3.

    It didn't improve anything on my internet speeds even say downloading from 100 Mbit servers and such. No improvement. Only maybe I'd say a 5-10% improvement on Xbox Live on my Xbox 360 which is still cool. My 360 is hardwired 24/7 to my router via network cable - I don't use anything for wireless.

    Anyway, I upgraded to the latest firmware, version 1.6 - even though they stated 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 don't support Xbox Live 'officially.' I was hoping it still would. It won't.

    Well, upgrading to 1.6 was REMARKEABLE in making improvements on my PC and downloading/uploading, etc (I have 10 Mbit down, 1 Mbit up). It was SUPERB. The improvement was AMAZING.

    I'm sure it'd be amazing on Xbox Live, too (since they made vast improvements in firmware since 1.3) but it's not compatible.

    Surely there's a way around this! On my Xbox 360 on the test for connection it recognizes my IP but then fails on "DNS".

    Now on the router I can set the DNS to a primary and secondary address (maybe this could be a way around it to let firmware 1.6 work on Xbox Live). Do you think it could be? Are there any other possible work-arounds?

    I really, REALLY, want 1.6 firmware to work with my Xbox Live because I have my computer on the internet 24/7 and I'd HATE to have to change firmware if I'm going to be on my PC or Xbox Live back and forth as I'm on both VERY often. Plus, when you change firmware, you also have to put all your settings back into the router - another big hassle.

    And again, I'm sure the 1.6 firmware with all it's improvements and enhancements would make Xbox Live gaming even better, too!

    D-Link support (I talked to two tech agents in 2 departments) and neither had any answer at all. Given the fact that 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 don't officially support Xbox Live, it doesn't seem like they ever care to support Xbox Live for this relatively "new" router in the future at ALL. Isn't that pathetic?

    Surely there's a way around this. Please help!

    (more info: I have Cox HSI Premier - also I have found a lot of people have success with XBLive working with 1.6, some with wired connections others with wireless)

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's working now. Here's what I did. I actually fixed it within 15 minutes of posting here (I also posted this on the dslreports forums) and on, etc.

    I reinstalled the 1.3 firmware to see if it was still the same as before (PC no effect Xbox 5-10% improvement on Live).

    It had issues on the router interface, so I did the option to restore to factory settings.

    From there, I was back at 1.3 and PC was same and Xbox was the same. I decided to try to upgrade to 1.6 firmware again.

    This time it allowed for the phenominal PC increased FTP performance (haven't tried gaming as I don't game on the PC - haven't since the 90's) and not only Xbox Live support but better support than the already increased results the 1.3 firmware supported.

    Of course, I set the router to my preferred settings once again on everything and all is still well.

    I guess it was just a fluke. Thanks to everyone who tried to help, though. I appreciate it. The Xbox Live improvement is very, very good (just like the PC improvement). But I will say I should be getting this PC performance on Xbox Live even with a commercial, cheap router with a 1 Mbit upload.

    Oh well. Thanks again.

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    i got a dgl 4300 and xbox live also but what did you set your settings to cuz im having problems with mine.

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    I forgot all about this thread. I just now checked my email and saw you replied to it...

    Anyway... The router is very odd when it comes to Xbox Live -- If the power goes out for a split second and reboots my computer, regardless of if my Xbox 360 is turned on or not, quite often (about 50% of the time) I will have to reboot the router before my Xbox 360 will connect to Xbox Live again.

    I don't know why that is, but it's basically the same problem I had with the router when I first made this thread a long time ago.

    I'm used to it now, so it doesn't bother me. But what I do to reboot it will be, say, to put the GameFuel (under Advanced in the router's setup menu) feature to the opposite of what it's set to, or some other major change on the router's setup that will prompt you to reboot the router. When you get that prompt, click on "reboot this device" or whatever button and it'll reboot the router. Once it's rebooted, it should work fine. For me, personally, I always go back in and change whatever setting I messed with -back- to what I originally had it at.

    For example: If I went to sign on to Live right now and it wouldn't recognize my internet connection and therefor not connect to Xbox Live, I would immediately go into my router setup on my computer and turn GameFuel "On" (I always have it turned off because I've never had it help me), then immediately turn it back "Off" even before I go back to my Xbox/Xbox 360. Once I do that, I'll have rebooted the router twice, but it only takes seconds. Then I go back to my Xbox/Xbox 360, and bam, I connect to Xbox Live with ease.

    Again, I am using the 1.6 firmware of the router. I've noticed with every version I've tried, though, even 1.3, that the same thing happens where I may have to reboot the router once every 1-2 months in order to connect to Xbox Live again.

    I think there may be more forces at work, though. I remember having a 2-hour long phone conversation with a MS-hotshot because my PC and Xbox 360 won't connect to each other for the 360's Media Connection with an XP PC. I told him I was no newbie to PC's, networking, nor the Xbox 360, but he was a big-wig up at MS and still had about half a dozen different things to try that I hadn't. None of them worked. He said he had to conclude he had no idea what device was causing the problem, but that he's seen this happen before to a customer, and that it's a 1-in-a-1,000 deal where nothing will work. He said the only other possibility would be for me to reinstall XP but I never got my XP cd from Dell plus I didn't want to so I said forget it. I doubt that would have "fixed" it, anyway.

    Hope this helps.

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    this will fix it..

    I had the same problem went from 1.3 to 6 .. screwed up the xbox's and went back to 1.3 ...
    1.6 and 1.7 are xbox live compatible .. you just have to turn off dynamic fragmentation then everything should work fine ...


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