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Thread: BF2 Multiplayer / LAN

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    BF2 Multiplayer / LAN

    I wasnt sure where to look for this so i figured id try here first.We are gonna be having a LAN party Feb 18th and BF2 is one of the games being played.What i am wondering is this...Is there a way to start BF2 multiplayer without going through the account server? Another words if we didnt have interent access but wanted to play a 16 person LAN game how the heck can you do it since BF2 requires you to connect to account server.

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    By the way Cat...Dont forget about the LAN

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaJaBoy
    By the way Cat...Dont forget about the LAN

    Dunno about the server.
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    I think all you do is just create local server on the source box. If that doesn't work, then do you have any kind of net connection that can be hooked up to the source machine?

    I know it can be done because there have been plenty of LAN events that have hosted BF2.

    I would ask the folks over at the GXL how they have done it.

    Looks like you have to create offline accounts and it will work.

    Player Accounts

    Before you can access the in-game settings or play the game you will need to login to an account first. There are two types of accounts - Singleplayer (Offline) and Multiplayer (Online):

    Online Account: You must have a valid online account and an active Internet connection if you want to play BF2 multiplayer. You can use an existing GameSpy account if you remember the details. If you want to create a new account, you will have to enter a unique Username, a Password and a unique Email address which is not already being used by you or anyone else for another account. If you want to load up an existing online account, you can retrieve its details simply by entering the Username and Password, or the appropriate Email address, then clicking the 'Retrieve Account' button. In fact if you find you are having difficulties finalizing the creation of a new account, simply exit the game, restart it and try to retrieve the account with the appropriate details.

    Your online account is very important - do not provide its details to anyone else. While your online account is not directly tied to your CD Key - the serial number you entered when installing BF2 - your account and/or your CD key can be banned for cheating which prevents you from using your current copy of BF2 to play online on certain servers, regardless of the account you use.

    Whenever you start BF2, login to your online account to play BF2 Multiplayer. Your main account details will be displayed on the login screen, and the password box will automatically be filled with the correct password if the 'Remember Password' box is ticked. If you think this is risky in your current environment, untick the box. Note that if you pressed any keys prior to seeing the Login screen, these may be added into your password box, and hence when you click the Login button it will result in an error: refrain from pressing any keys during loadup and/or use the No Intro Movies tweak at the end of this guide. If in doubt clear the Password box and retype your original password.

    Note: As of the 1.03 patch, you will see a news box whenever you login. You can click the Close button to skip the latest BF2 news. If you click Open, BF2 will close and the news item will open in a new browser window.

    Note 2: To automatically login to BF2 whenever you launch the game, see the Conclusion section of this guide for an advanced tweak using the command line parameters.

    Offline Account: If you want to play singleplayer Battlefield 2 without connecting to the Internet, you must first create an offline account. To do this, click the 'Manage Accounts' button on the main Account Login screen. Next, click the Singleplayer tab at the top right, and enter whatever username you wish to use for Singleplayer - it doesn't matter if it's not unique. Once created, this account will be added to your main Account Login screen, and you can highlight it and click 'Select Account' whenever you want to play BF2 Singleplayer offline.

    Note that you can also play Singleplayer using your online account, however you must remain connected to the Internet and logged in to use your online account for singleplayer mode, whereas using an offline account allows you to disconnect from the Internet and still play BF2.

    Note further that each of your accounts (both Single and Multiplayer) have different settings attached to them, including separate video, audio and control settings. To learn more about where these profiles are saved see the Advanced Tweaking section. For ease of use I recommend having only one Online account, and using that for both single and multiplayer.
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    Thanks for the info UOD....Ill check it out .

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