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Thread: Unhappy with my first wireless this normal?

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    Unhappy with my first wireless this normal?

    After spending $80 dollars each on one of the latest MIMO Super G routers and desktop NICs, it's been nothing but frustration.

    It's a DLink DI-634M router, the Super G MIMO 108G....with the compatible network card, DWL-520 I think....

    5 calls to tech support that I can't understand, and walk me through steps that I've already done and that do nothing. I explain the issue and they have me do the same things.

    The issue is DNS does not resolve...I have to manually enter in my DNS servers...otherwise I get an IP fine, everything says good connection, I should be good to go, but under Connection Specific DNS Suffix in ipconfig it says ''host_name_notfound.invalid' or something.

    Also, it seems to lag alot....streaming videos are unwatchable due to the constant buffering.....

    Is it that DLink is not a good brand? or is all wireless G have lag issues?
    I spent the extra money since it specifically said that this router and card are made for gaming, file transfers, and other internet intensive tasks...and so far it's been a huge headache.

    The tech said that my TCP/IP stack might have got corrupted....which even though I have all the latest spyware and up to date antivirus, my roommate who I just kicked out went to all kinds of porn sites, and I've found virues on the computer, so it's possible.

    I'll be reinstalling windows soon enough.....can I expect wireless performance equal to my regular wired ethernet? or should I get my money back???

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    Try repairing the winsock/tcp stack.
    But first, download HijackThis...
    ...and post a scan log here.

    The log will show evidence if winsock is corrupted. There should be no lags and it should be as good a connection as wired service.
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    I'm not overly fond of DLink as a brand...but you shouldn't be having those kind of issues.

    To rule out your corrupted tcp stack/ this utility. Does a complete fresh rebuild of yes you can have DNS issues with a hosed winsock. If your roomie was surfing porn...then we can only blame your OS so far, not hardware.

    G is pretty decent, MIMO is even better. However for Pre-N/MIMO routers...all the reviews I've read have shown that MIMO routers built in the Airgo True-MIMO chipset are top performers. I've setup quite a few of Belkin and Linksys routers built on that are they great.

    As far as I know DLink is not builting MIMO routers on Airgo chipsets.
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