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Thread: Upload speed

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    Upload speed

    Hi all,

    My company uses a custom module in that allows us to upload files directly to salesforce. Basically a "drag and drop" module. We are seeing very slow uploads using this feature.

    What I have discovered is that it seems to be an issue with Windows' send buffer size. If I use a FTP program such as Filezilla, I get great upload speeds. If I open the same FTP site in Internet Explorer, the upload speeds slow to a crawl. So, it has to be a limitation of Windows.

    My laptop dual boots Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10. If I load salesforce while in Ubuntu and attempt to upload a file, I get great upload speeds. Do the same thing from within Windows on the exact same network and I get horrible upload speeds.

    Also, while I am not opposed to using software such as cablenut, I would much prefer to be able to make these changes myself, rather than deploying the software for all employees to use.

    Does anyone have any idea how to correct this issue? I see lots of posts when doing google searches, but no resolutions. Any ideas?


    *EDIT* I have 7mbps up and 7 mbps down. I'm only getting 90kb/s uploading to SF in Windows, but I get 600+ uploading to SF while in Ubuntu.
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    Got it fixed by running Verizon's Fios Optimizer. So now, the question is, what exactly does their Optimizer do? I need to automate the process for all of our employees. Thanks!

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