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Thread: Programming a different remote with DTC5100

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    Programming a different remote with DTC5100

    Hope someone can help... I just purchased a Denon 2106 HD receiver and HD TV and have Comcast with a Motorola DTC5100 cable box. I want to have a single remote control run all components. I want to use the Denon remote control for a host of reasons but cannot find an IR code that works on the comcast Motorloa DTC5100. Comcast will not provide me the IR code for the DTC5100. The two comcast remote controls I have play back an IR code of 000 on one remote and 476 on the other remote. But when they are entered into the Denon remote the codes do not work with the DTC5100. The Denon remote also does not have a learn function. I know the Denon remote works because I have been able to program other devices with it. I have been able to get a Sony Commander remote to learn the codes off of the Comcast remote and it works the DTC5100 fine. I would use the Sony Commander for everything but the Denon has a discrete on and discrete off making turning off the Denon impossible plus I lose all the other Denon receiver capabilities. Please help... thanks

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    Time for a different remote. You need one with a lot of different functions including punch through...

    Check out this site for a list of different types of remotes.....

    I'm using the MX500 right now. It does everything I need in a single remote. That said, you could probably spend less and find something more to your liking.

    There are lots of universal remotes but what I'd advise is one with a screen so you can see what unit your remote is set to control, be it DVD, TV, receiver , ect ect..

    Hummm....after rereading your's a Comcast issue in letting you have the code. Look around online and see if you can find it somewhere. There are a few sites that cater to these issues....

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    The denon has punch through but not sue what that is... I believe the codes for the DTC5100 are 0000 and 0476... but just not working on the Denon? The Sony Commander is a universal remote but I loose some of the receiver functionality which the Denon remote provides...

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