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Thread: Linksys RV082 VPN Setup

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    Linksys RV082 VPN Setup

    I just got my RV082 today, and I quickly got it connected to my DSL cable modem with no problem, allowing my three computers to connect to the internet.

    The main reason I purchased this router was because I wanted to setup a VPN PPTP Server so remote users could connect remotely. I enabled the PPTP Server on the router, and created a couple users.

    One remote user has cable internet service, and plugs her computer directly to her cable modem (no router.) This user was able to make a VPN connection successfully.

    Another remote user has DSL internet service, and uses a NAT router between his computer and the modem. This user was unable to make a VPN connection. I'm not sure of the router he is using (it's a Linksys, but don't know model.)

    So, my questions ... How can I get the remote user behind a NAT router connected to my VPN server? Do I have to enable PPTP pass through on his router? Or is that only if he was hosting a VPN server on the LAN side of his router? Would the QuickVPN client connect from behind his router without having to make any router config changes?

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

    btw.. the remote computer that connected successfully was running WinXP Home Edition, and the one that couldn't connect was running Windows 2000 Professional.

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    I think I might have determined the issue here.. right now I can't test my theory, but maybe you can let me know what you think.

    Since the remote user that can't connect is behind a Linksys router, and probably used the default setup, that would put his PC on the 192.168.1.X subnet. My Linksys RV082 is also using the default 192.168.1.X subnet. I thought I remember reading somewhere that the VPN client and server have to be on different subnets.

    Does this sound like it's the issue? I'll change my router config tonight and call the user tomorrow to have him try connecting again.

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    Sorry to take a're on it. The two networks must be in different IP ranges, they cannot both be the same. So change that 3rd octet of one of your LANs. Typically when I setup an office for a client now, and I know they will have some remote VPN users...I will make the office something quite 192.168.10.XXX. Because I know there will some home users coming from common and networks. Sometimes easier to build the office LAN different, than changing several home networks.

    You have the latest firmware right, .14?

    And don't forget to manually setup MTU on the router.

    Yes on remote users you want their routers set to allow PPTP passthrough. That allows VPN traffic (IP type 47 GRE) to pass through NAT vpn traffic is normally not NAT friendly...the router needs to allow it through.

    Also, as a rule of thumb....with my clients, I do not allow their remote users to VPN to the main office until I know their "home" PCs are determined to be me. That means...absolutely NObody is connected to their broadband modem directly...nobody with a public IP will be connecting to the office network. They must be behind a NAT router. That PC must also have all windows updates, no blank local admin passwords, quality updated antivirus, and the usual slew of anti-ad/spyware utilities..scanned, cleaned, etc.

    Remember...remote VPN users, once they VPN in...they are considered to be on the local office network. You normally have all your local office PCs clean and safe, right? If one was infected...wouldn't you worry about the rest of your network, the server, etc? Some viruses and worms can travel across having VPN users clean.

    Once they VPN in, what will they be doing? Remote Desktop or VNC?
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