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Thread: !!! Slower Speeds With A New Computer ???

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    !!! Slower Speeds With A New Computer ???

    Hey Guys...i'm new at this forum...could use your expertise...
    I have a high speed internet connection via 3Web (Rogers Network) and ive tested my internet speed at 4000 d/l and 800 u/l. Aswell, my modem is a Motorola SB5100 (USB). I am not using a router.
    Here is my problem...i have had this internet connection for about a month now and i've had no problems with it, i loved it, and i was download torrents on average at 200 kb/s. About 4 days ago i bought a new computer, and i hooked up my exacty cable connection that i had on my old computer to my new one. I immediately noticed an enormous drop in download speeds, and i've been now downloading at an average of 50 kb/s.
    I've visited several different forums and recieve advice on how to configure my new computer and torrent software (BitComet) to better suit downloading torrents, but as of yet i've been unable to gain the speeds that i had with my old computer.
    Here is how i've done configuring; Turned off Windows Firewall, opened ports to better BitComet, configured BitComet settings, used TCP Optimizer to optimize my internet.
    I should also meantion that although i've disabled my Windows Firewall, I do have Norton System Works 2006 installed on my computer, i'm not sure if Norton's firewall needs configuring....hopefully you will be able to answer that.
    I hope someone out there can help me fix this nightmare, or refer me to a site that would better suit my needs. THANKS FOR YOU HELP!!

    My Computer Specs;
    -Win XP
    -AMD Sempron 3400+, 2Ghz
    -512 mb ram
    -Hard drive; 100 Gb
    -Modem; Motorola SB5100

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    If you have notroto firewall i'm not sure exectly how to do it in their program make sure unpnp is checked and allowed

    also make sure icmp traffic is checked and allowed.
    Comptia a+ n+

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