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Thread: Recent reduced signal strength

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    Recent reduced signal strength

    I have a Windows XP pc with a Linksys wireless PCI network card (WMP11v2.7) and a Linksys wireless B gateway/router (BEFW11S4v4.0). I had a previous version of the same gateway router for years before it died, and I replaced it with the current one about a year ago. I have never had signal strength problems until just recently. I am running the latest service pack and security updates, as well as the latest drivers and firmware. I am using Windows XP's wireless support to manage the connection (never could get the linksys software to recognize the card). The pc is about 7 or 8 ft. from the router. The router is on my dresser about 4.5 ft from the ground, and the pc is on the floor. There are no obstructions between them and there is a clear line of sight between antennas.

    About a week ago I started getting a low to very low signal strength. I tried several different things to fix it and would usually get an excellent signal for a few minutes after changing a setting only to see it go back to low to very low. I would also see the Tx Rate drop from 11 Mbps to 1 or 2 Mbps. I can go into the device manager and go to the card when this happens and hit ReScan and it will immediatly go back up to 11 MBps for a few minutes before going right back to 1 or 2 Mbps.

    I have tried channels 1, 6, and 11, and have played with various settings for threshold, beacon, and preamble. Up until this point I had everything at the defaults. Nothing seems to make a difference, and a few of the changes caused things to stop working altogether.

    Any ideas on what could be the problem and what I could do to fix it?

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    Try a different card. Buy one & if all fine, keep it. If no joy, return the card and get a refund.
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    Its definitly not the card. I can connect to my neighbors unsecured network (D-Link Router) and get better signal strength and consistent 11 MBps of bandwidth. So it must be my router. Any more ideas?

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    These days, if wireless signal strength over a distance is a concern, get a new Pre-N/MIMO router. The Linksys srx models, or Belkin's Pre-N model...both work fantastic. Can use old G and B network adapters with them just fine.

    The only thing I can think of which suddenly changed your existing performance is a new wireless network within range, possibly the same SSID, or same channels. You tried different channels, that didn't help. I do vaguely remember reading something a long time ago about some DLink wireless units, when put in some "agressive" mode or something like that...causing havoc with other wireless networks.
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