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Thread: Opinion: Design of SATA Cables vs. IDE Cables

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    Opinion: Design of SATA Cables vs. IDE Cables

    I remember the first time that I saw a SATA cable I got all excited because they were:
    -small and sleek
    -would be easier to plug in and remove
    -would lead to better case ventilation, organization etc.

    On one of my other threads I'm running into a problem which is either my hard drive, SATA cable, or SATA controller on my motherboard. My suspicion is growing that actually all 3 are fine, but the cons of SATA are coming through:
    -Stiff cables that are difficult to bend, especially for their size
    -In my case, the stiff cables also tend to put tension on the 2nd drive cable, this tension itself can loosen the connector on the other drive.
    -Lack the tightness of fit that IDE cables had (okay, sometimes they were too tight and you actually damaged the Hard Drive).

    Anyway, I wrote this thread just to kind of get a feel for what kind of luck people have had with SATA. Have you had similar problems with bad connections and found shorter, bendy cables? Ones with a tighter fit?

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    eh i stuck to IDE for the longest time..just recently went SATA II (like 3 days ago) and so far so good..i'm even using those cursed shuttle sata cables and i have no issues yet. the cables are fine as far as being flexible..the power connectors in the sn25p are a pain to move into position though.

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