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Thread: UDP problems

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    Unhappy UDP problems

    I have been noticing problems with UT2003 during online (lan and internet) play now for about 2 months. For some reason it is running extremely slow.
    I've tested in several locations and haven't seen a difference.
    When I serve localhost there are no problems for me, but the other three connected to me experience the lag problem.
    I've ran ethereal on the lan server and noticed that my computer recieves 40% fewer udp packets than the other computers connected.
    My computer is a laptop with an integrated Broadcom Netextrme 57xx gigabit controller.
    I've run all of the Windows updates, updated the nic driver via broadcoms site.
    My antivirus and spam protection are coming up empty.
    I didn't always have this problem. Everything ran fine for four months before this began. I formatted and reinstalled XP, ran all updates and reinstalled UT2003 to test. Even with a clean install, the problems persist. Any ideas?

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    could be your NIC, try picking up a PCM-CIA NIC and see if you notice a difference in performance, try a different ethernet cable, etc.
    As a rule I always start my troubleshooting at the physical layer.

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