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Thread: How to connect to a console port on a cisco router

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    How to connect to a console port on a cisco router

    Basically the setup i have in my home is that the cisco router is in my cellar, and i have a cat5 cable (with a cat5 socket at each end) running from my pc to beside the router, basically what i want to know is what cable do i use from my pc to the socket and what cable i use from the socket in the cellar to the console port of the router,

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    You need a roll over cable between the router console port and the serial adapter on your pc.
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    so from the rj45 socket in my bedroom i have a roleover to the serial and from the rj45 socket in the cellar i have a rollover to the console port on the router

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    no, just one rollover somewhere in the mix. I'd connect the rolloever with the db-9 connector up in your room, and then a straight-through from the wall into the console port on the router.

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