I have a serious problem with my WAN connection. This is the layout:

NIC -> HPNA adapter -> HPNA Switch -> ADSL MODEM.

As the HPNA is 1.1, the maximum speed of the LAN is 1Mbps Half Duplex.

My WAN speed is also 1Mbps.

When my connection is idle, the ping from my pc to the gateway (ADSL MODEM) is about 3ms. If I transfer a file from my pc to other pc in the LAN (using only the HPNA link, and nothing of the WAN link), the ping to the gateway climbs to a whoping 500ms! As well as when I download files, the ping to anywhere rise and my throughput stay as low as 60KBps.

In this way, I cannot achieve the 1Mbps (or aprox. 100KBps) in my WAN because of the limitations of my LAN link (Collisions and stuff).

*Pluggin directly my PC to the modem generates no problems. :2cool:

*Sometimes, if the HPNA Switch get power cycled, I manage to get 100KBps downloads , but this good speeds sudenly disapear.

I know that HPNA plain su*x. I just would like to know if this behaviour is normal or not.

Many thanks!