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Thread: My Motorola SB5100 USB connection

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    My Motorola SB5100 USB connection

    I have a Motorola Cable Modem SB5100 Surfboard modem on a cable connection of 256k, but yet I only download at a max of 32k per second. My Control panel shows my modem at a connection of 12 Mbps, is there any way to speed up my download connection? Also, my upload speed won't go over 15k.....Can anyone help?

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    You service is most likely 256kbps down and 128kbps up.

    When you download at 32KB/s thats equal to 256kbps.

    kbps is kilobits per second and KB/s is kilobytes per second.

    Now your modem says 12Mbps because its cappable of that, but the service from your ISP is not that high. With modern technology you can't beat the system and download any faster than what your at.

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    I would suggest dumping the USB connection and getting a decent NIC card and running Cat5 cable to connect the modem.. it runs better. A good NIC card might run ya about 20$

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