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Thread: need help!

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    need help!

    I have a problem with my internet connection, I have 2 cable modems, I ordered 2 packages from my local internet provider, Just realized not to long ago that my internet speed went down. I checked this on speakeasy. My dl speed is 1065 and ul is 1365. I then called my ISP regarding why I'm getting ripped off, cause I should be getting 15mbps on both modems. The rep said they once see 1 modem under my name. I checked the bill and she was right I only have one internet modem bill which is $52. What I'd like to know where am I getting my other internet from, I do have a router and wireless adapter that I use for my laptop. The only thing that came to my mind would be a splitter and that I get my internet from my downstairs modem. Is there a way to check this out, also would it be possible to have my upstairs modem to have the highest speed and the downstairs pc to use some of that speed.

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    What is the reason you have 2x modems? Separate buildings?
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