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Thread: Workgroup issue, something simple but I can`t put my finger on it...

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    Workgroup issue, something simple but I can`t put my finger on it...

    Ok, a bit long winded but bear with me...

    I have one of those HDD media players the you plug into your TV and watch stuff you`ve loaded onto the HDD. The Media Player has a LAN port.

    I`ve tried a few times to get stuff through the LAN off my server but never had any joy until now.

    My network is quite simple but probably complicated words wise so bear with me.

    My ISP goes into my IPCop with Green (LAN) and Orange (DMZ) out, green to my LAN and orange with my FTP and file server on it. now if I plug media player into Green LAN I can`t see the file server on DMZ at all but if I connect the media player to the Orange (DMZ) I can see AND play the files through media player on the TV.

    Likewise if I hang my server off the LAN and connect media player to LAN I can still see and play files.

    Now I want the server in the DMZ and I`d like to keep the media player on the LAN but with this configuration it won`t work how I want it.

    Also, just to prove a point I shoved a cable between the LAN switch and the DMZ switch and it all works the way I`d like it to but I don`t want to leave this cable between the switches (I shouldn`t really have to).

    If you`re still with me at this point... thanx

    So my question is what am I missing or doing wrong or not doing at all to get this to work without the LAN and DMZ switches cabled together?

    Many thanks for your time

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    You'll most likely have to add some port-forwarding rules to get the Media Server to see the other in the DMZ...

    I believe you have to forward port 1755 tcp/udp, it also uses a number of other ports for different things...
    Ports 1024+ for MMSU streaming, 80 for HTTP streaming...
    Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) uses ports 554 tcp, 5004-5005 udp

    There is more info here:

    I hope this helps.

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