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Thread: Clearing NetBT in WinXP Repair Network Connection

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    If you could start a new thread in the "software forum" the Generic Host Process errors can get lengthy, we've also had quite a few posts in there about it.
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    NetBT Clearing

    Hey YeOldeStonecat

    nice dude i try the WinsockxpFix software it's really damn good men..thank u so much, finally i can share my pc to others.. my problem solve YAHOOO...

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks!!! StoneCat!! Worked great!! I was getting ready to buy a new ethernet card bc I thought mine was bad.
    You da cat!!

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    Many Thank's

    Just wanna say thank u s'much...

    Almost re-install my machine, that tools awesome...

    Keep the good work, coz u the man..

    ps ; 4give my english..

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    noe yes

    Post I had to start the NetBIOS service

    I had a new build and was getting the same can't clear netBIOS error. WinsockxpFix.exe didn't fix it (seemed not to run fully on this weird xp-64). Turns out the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service wasn't started. Turning that on got me on my local network. Thought I would share here incase it can help someone else.

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    WinsockxpFix Works Like a charm

    It helped win 2 month long battle with my machine;

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