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Thread: my computer says my password is incorrect but it is

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    my computer says my password is incorrect but it is

    whenever i get asked to put in my internet password it keeps saying it is incorrect when it is correct i have even phoned my internet provider and they say my password is correct and that they have no clue what is wrong i have another pc that is connected to same connection and that will accept the password and i have even replaced my wireless dongles and updated all the drivers can someone please help me out with this thanks.

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    what are you connecting to? wifi dial up?
    make sure you know what num lock does. make sure shift is off. if its wifi wpa2 you need to make sure authentication is set to AES or TKIP depending. make sure your keyboard works.

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    mac address

    hi .... it cause mac address if u are using adsl

    the first pc will be connect and mac address will be set on their portal ( like ibsng)

    and another pc for more security cant access and u get 691 error

    contact your provider and remove yuor mac adreess

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