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Thread: Mini DV capture software recommendations ?

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    Depending on the model and the features available in that model, here are a few things that you can do to achieve your objective:
    1 -- If you have firewire port in your camcorder, get a firewire card installed in your PC and then using the s/w provided with the camcorder, transfer the video onto the pc.
    2 -- If your camcorder supports USB streaming, then you can you the USB port on your PC to get the video transfered onto your PC.
    3 -- If your PC has a TV tuner card, give the digital o/p of your camcorder to this tuner card and then get the video transfered onto your PC.

    Once you have the vidoe on the PC, use any DVD/VCD burning software to burn it onto the disc. You need a program to save the video to the computer, then use that file to burn to the disc. use the program that the computer comes with and hook your camcorder up to the computer via firewire..., iLINK, ieee1394 port..., you then need to compress the footage to mpeg2 NTSC and now you're ready to burn a dvd disc and have it play in a dvd player...

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    Pinnacle Upgrades?

    I have been using Pinnacle 10 in the past and had great success with it. I have currently upgraded my computer and am now running Windows 7, but the Pinnacle 10 will not run on it. They offer an upgrade for $15 discount, but I cannot get Pinnacle to even install to upgrade. Any recommendations that do not involve me purchasing the new Pinnacle for $200?

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