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Thread: SNR results and Motorola 5120 cable modem.

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    SNR results and Motorola 5120 cable modem.

    Here are results from my cable modems diag page. Does anyone see why I can't get the MSB5120 modem to work? My speed with this modem is very good, 5.6 - 6.4 down and 350-370 up on every speed test I have tried. While using the MSB I would get long pauses in my internet connection and get disconned from games within 5 minutes. I tried both from bestbuy with the same results. I also read the reviews on from people who had purchased this modem and a couple of them complained about the same thing.

    Toshiba Cable Modem Diagnostics Page
    CM Info: Toshiba PCX2200 HW 7.4/SW 1.8.017
    MAC Address: xxxxxxxxxxx
    Serial Number: XXXXXXXX
    Operational Status: Operational
    Uptime: 7d 22h 8m 56s
    Last Status - prior reboot:Not available

    Power Level:
    Received:0.2 dBmV
    Transmitted: 36.0 dBmV

    Received SNR: 33.6 dB dB

    Downstream:585.00 MHz
    Upstream:31.00 MHz

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    Who is your ISP? I have a 5120, snag about 6200 down, 360 up.
    You have the ISP provision it?
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    Dam I should have included that, Comcast in Virginia. I own the Toshiba 2200 but heard such good things about the 5100 and 5120 I thought I would upgrade but both 5120's would hang and lose connections about every 5-10 minutes. Comcast confirmed this when I called them back after they entered my MAC. It worked perfectly for a short time. I removed my router and went straight to the modem but the same thing happened. The Toshiba works fine. New Egg has some reviews and people said they had the same problem so maybe there is a bad batch floating around. Do my numbers from the diag page look ok? From the research I have done they seem ok.

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    BTW Bill the cat and Bloom county was my favorite comic strip I also have most of the books. Outland was ok.

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    I think my problem is fixed I bought a 3rd SB5120 from wallyworld for 59.99 right after I had comcast replace the line to my house due to a poor picture quallity on the digital channels. here are my results from the SB diag page.

    Frequency 585000000 Hz
    Signal to Noise Ratio 36 dB
    QAM 256
    Network Access Control Object ON
    Power Level 8 dBmV

    Upstream Value
    Channel ID 3
    Frequency 31000000 Hz
    Ranging Service ID 6409
    Symbol Rate 2.560 Msym/s
    Power Level 32 dBmV
    Using this site and selecting washington DC and atlanta I am getting 6171 down and 367 up
    I think this modem is much more sensitive to line noise and you must be over 35 SNR for it to work properly. Newegg reviews show I was not alone in having issue before Comcast replaced my line.

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