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Thread: Sources for GPS Maps for Garmin Legend (Free and otherwise)

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    Sources for GPS Maps for Garmin Legend (Free and otherwise)

    Bought a Garmin Legend color just before Christmas. Held off buying the Topographic maps for Canada because I wasn't sure if there was better software out there, or something equivalent that was free.

    Just wondering if anyone out there can share some knowledge and links to stuff related to GPS devices. I'm in Canada so that may change things a little as well.

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    I have the complete ones for the U.S.. I tried loading them on a buddy of mines lap top just the other day and they would not load, not sure why. I have not tried loading them onto my computer since the last reformat and am a little nervous about it. I guess I will try it tomorrow.

    I like the maps a lot and think they are better than the De Lorme topo map set I got. One thing that sort of bugs me is that I can't load the maps onto my GPS and have the topo lines show up on the GPS. I would not like to have my GPS try and lead me over a five hundred foot canyon. I guess it comes down to the fact you need a hard copy topo map to back up your GPS anyways.

    As to links I have not looked in a while and would be interested in checking out whatever you find


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