Two Southern Belles were sittin' on the porch one hot afternoon.
The first had just returned from a trip to New York. She said to the second Belle,

"You know, up there in New York, they've got men who kiss men on the lips."

"Oh dear me!" cried the second Belle. "What do they call those men?" she questioned.

The first replied, "They call them homosexuals. And did you know,
up there they've got women who kiss women on the private parts?"

"Oh Heavens!" The second gasped. "What on Earth do they call those women?"

"Why, they call them lesbians. Up there, they also have men who kiss women on their private parts."

The second belle nearly fell from her chair. "Oh Lawdy! What do they call those men?"

The first Belle answered, "Well, after I caught my breath, I called him precious!"