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Thread: Strange Behavior With my Netgear Mr814 V3?

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    Strange Behavior With my Netgear Mr814 V3?

    The problem started a few days a go. My Netgear Ma11 V2 adapter saids it was connected to my router the Netgear Mr814 V3. However I cannot surf the interent at all. (Note that the network icon in the right hand corner had only one blinking light)

    I thought my adapter was broken so i decided to replace it. It turns out the new adapter had the same problem as well.

    Logiically it is the router at fault? Or is this the cause of a registry tweak i did?. Nevertheless, does anyone know how i can fix this problem.

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    Have you tried unplugging your router and plugging it back in?
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    Yes i have tried that even shutting down my modem.

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    Call you ISP and check to see if your modem is even showing up on thier network.

    Update the firmware on the Router. Or better yet, there should be a button on the router that will allow you to "restore factory presets". Hit that and start over.
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