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Thread: Keep Kip in your thoughts...

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    Thanks for all your encouragement, guys and gals.

    Not only is it malignant, but it is big, so my treatment starts with hormones to stop the production of Testosterone. These are analogs of female hormones, so I get to experience hot flashes, etc. I'm told they can be bad but so far, OK. I can tell that I am taking big-time meds, however.

    In either three or six months, once I have been shrunk, I will either have it removed or treated with radioactive seeds. If I don't have any complications, like not peeing, I should be fine in the late summer.

    Thanks agian,


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    Will be thinking of you Kip. Stay well.
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    I come back from my trip and the first thread I see is this! OMG Kip!! My thoughts and prayers!


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    Keep the faith.


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    Kip- Hang in there man, my prayers are with you !

    I am a grade 6 survivor myself. I know it's not much comfort but if there is a cancer to get, prostate is the one with the highest survival rate and is very treatable. I had my surgury back in June and got my 6 month clean bill of health in December.

    If you read this and want to chat, drop me a PM.
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    Sorry to hear about that Kip. Prayers and good thoughts on the way!
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    in my prayers

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    Kip a friend of mines son is a doctor here

    Thursday, January 19, 2005, at 4:30 p.m.
    Join us on the Internet for a firsthand look at a real operation
    featuring minimally invasive, robotic-assisted prostate surgery.
    Online viewers will have the opportunity to ask the surgeons
    questions during the procedure.
    To view the procedure go to:
    A replay of the webcast will be available at the above site beginning January 20.
    You will need a current version of RealNetworks software to view the webcast. Visit our web site
    in advance of the broadcast to determine if you have the needed software or to download it.
    Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical
    education for physicians.
    Robotic prostate surgery.
    Live. On your computer.

    Edouard J. Trabulsi, MD
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Urology
    Jefferson Medical College
    1025 Walnut Street, Suite 1102
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
    215-923-1884 (fax)
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    Don't die Kip!!!
    The more I drink, the less I care.

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