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Thread: Trinity Gaming Server

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    Trinity Gaming Server

    Anyone have any experience with it? My clan and I are looking into renting a 48 person server the first of the year. It will cost $200/month.

    I will also need your help getting it going in a couple weeks. As a empty server=waste of money.


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    Anyone but VSK seems to be the tune right now.....I've heard some good things about them(trinity that is) but it just seems that you never know what you're going to get these days....
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    50,965 was great.

    We hosted there for a notch, prompt service from Ronnie. Polite on the phone, gets back to ya, etc.

    I never heard anything good about VSK, even before the ZB guys had their mixup with them, the little communication we tried with him when Larry setup that server for us. When that happed with the ZB guys...I spent a few minutes on Google...after what I found, wow...I can't believe that guy is still in business. And from pouring through his forums for a, he has Napoleon syndrome...must have gotten the tar beaten out of him every day as a kid...cuz he's taking it out on the world now. Every other word "Go ahead, it'll take a court order from ya". or "Go ahead, I'll sue ya". UGS...take a peek first, because from my personal experience...they were top notch all around good peeps.
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    Agree with Cat...UGS or LeetServers.No complaints about either one...Also the price you posted seems a bit high for what your getting.Maybe im missing something ?

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    I've been playing on some BF2 servers from Wolfservers.. they are pinging great for me on the east coast. I've seen several clans use them also. Trinity, LEET, USG among a few. Hell you can prob do a menu game search in BF2 to see a list of them yourself of those that are being used and just research them.

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    Mr. Wilson
    I think you should go with my personal favorite person in the whole world and even get the server for a year in advance. Ray at VSK will be more than happy to take your $2400 plus at least a couple of hundred more for "set up fees" even though nobody has any idea if EA will still be doing the ranked server thing in a year. The really cool thing is that if you decide that you need something changed with the setup and you actually have the "nerve" to shoot him an email you'll be banned, he'll shut down your server and take your money. Even better....if you try to call his 1-800 "customer service" number he'll put a block on your number and threaten to sue you if you ever call back.


    Both are great companies and the two guys that run them are great friends not only to each other but also to the entire gaming community as well.

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