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Thread: +12 and +5 Volt Dodgy

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    +12 and +5 Volt Dodgy

    Hi can anyone help PLEASE i have a machine that was a p4 2.8gig unclocked intel chip.
    My machine started shuting down at random times i replaced the power supply thinking it was that it carried on shuting down so i replaced the motherboard it still kept shuting down eventually my chip went so i replaced that and it still keeps shutting down.
    I have tested the memory 2-3 times with various testers and it says there is no problem with that i changed the case cause i thought it was causeing a short but still it keeps shuting down.
    Done a fresh install without any drivers for anything (thinking it may be a driver issue) but still keeps shuting down.
    Can anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some idea whats going on ???
    Thank's In Advance

    Sorry forgot to mention everytime it does shut down either the +12 or +5 Volt is under it's recomended threshold.

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    power supply either going or gone bad..


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