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Thread: I have to defend the actions of the South in an essay...

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    I have to defend the actions of the South in an essay...

    Yes, I hate having to do this, but I have to for my final essay. This is what I've got so far, I'd like to hear from you guys at SG as well as your opinion on the matter. What I need is another topic to elaborate on.

    It would be in the south’s best interest to vote for John C Breckinridge. He supports slavery which helps with the over all economy of the south. He supports the Dred Scott Decision and the expansion of slavery into the territories. Having a natural Southern as a leader will overall help the south.

    Cotton and Tobacco are major products that we produce as southern farmers. That is what we make our living on. Thanks to the great inventions like the grain elevators, and steel plow, we can now harvest much more, and increase profit. However, with Tariffs the north is holding back our progression. The taxation on foreign good is preventing the buying and selling of our mass produced products. Breckinridge if elected would understand us, and our economic value.

    We as southerners do not need someone from the north to lead us. They tend to be over sentimental of slaves, yet enjoy the luxuries that come from slave labor. They so against slavery that they help slaves that we paid for excape. We did receive the Compromise of 1850 that allowed us to pursue run away slaves, but as time progresses, more and more states are adapting to the policy of antislavery. Not to mention that this is increasingly draining our already weak power from the Senate. Slavery in the south among others is a very critical and vital part of our economy. We use slavery not as way to control another being, but as to help improve the overall life of the south. We apply our ideal of “Alrarian capitalism, which is a system of agriculture based on the efficient, specialized production of crops that is intended to generate profits rather and not subsistence. With out slaves many farm owners would have to purchase indentured servants who intern would have to be paid back in some fashion. If we higher workers, they would require somewhat of a salary, with is a decrease in over all profit. With slaves, all money made goes to the company or business. Breckinridge would understand this.

    With our government as a whole changing, and adapting new idea’s, it would be wise for us to have a strong leader in the forefront of our country form the south. If you noticed, a lot of the law, ruling and taxations have been heavily influenced, dominated, and supported by the north. Do you honestly think the industrial north would defend the interests of the south? Our word from the South is not being heard, and if we want to be heard we need more people representing the south, and importing our ideals into the system.

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