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Thread: Please help me to tweak my connection.

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    Unhappy Please help me to tweak my connection.

    Hi, I am quite new to broadband connection and tweaking and stuff like that..
    Hope you are able to help me... I tried looking through the forums but I get more confused after looking through it..

    Here are some information about my connection:

    1) Connection type: DSL. Not sure whether it is PPPoE or not.. What is the difference..? All I know is there are 2 computers connected to the router. the one that i am using is connected using NIC and another one is using wireless.

    2) ISP & advertised speed: streamyx (Malaysia) and the advertised speed is 512/256 kilobits/s

    3) Current settings: Tried to do a "TCP/IP Analyzer Test" but all my browser show is "The page cannot be displayed" message.

    4) Operating system: XP SP2..

    If my understanding is correct, I should be getting 90% of 512kbit/s which is around 460 kbit/s but when i did a speed test, i only got 360kbit/s to 400kbit/s and that is only after i download the TCP Optimizer. before that, i get slower connection. I only get about 25kByte/s when I use BitLord.

    Thank you in advance all the tweaking gurus for your time and patience.

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    Do you hve the ports forwaded to that bit torrent program?

    your speeds are not that bad depending how far you live from central office and line quailty the two main factors that determine speed.
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