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Thread: New Nvidia drivers released helps a few games!

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    New Nvidia drivers released helps a few games!

    the 81.95 drivers were released a few days ago which I'm not sure if anyone said anything but they offer improved performance for Quake 4 and Call of Duty 2. Also giving performance enhancements for dual core CPU's!!
    Added support for Vsync on Direct3D games when running Nvidia SLI and added support for those lucky enough to have a 7800 GTX 512 card and the new 6800 GS card.

    I have not tried these yet...but I believe I'll run a few bench tests on the current drivers (81.94) and compare using a Single BFG 6800 Ultra card.

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    i installed them thursday or friday i think, not sure when exactly and them seem okay to me, no benchmarks here but i see no loss of frame rate anyways.

    stable with HL2, quake4, BF2 so far, plus this version has the tabs for custom refresh rates that the last version of drivers i tried did not have, so now i can play HL2 @ 85 instead of that terrible 60Hz that drives my eyes crazy
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