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Thread: Long time no see

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    Long time no see


    It has been almost 5 years since I have logged into the site. Funny part is last year I tried logging in for fun when another website had a review link to here and nothing worked and so life went on...

    Thiis morning I get an automated email from SG News <>in my 'junkbox' which my Hotmail which I no longer use for general email due to the heavy amount of spam it had (it is not too bad any more but I am so used to not using it I don't); although since it is a Passport I use it as my MSN handle.

    My question is what gives for the system forgetting my user info (I can accept that it purged it since I never logged in for quite a long time), but then for some reason now almost five years later it gets it back, I can log in.

    This is <underline> NOT </underline> a complaint. I am very happy about this (nice christmas present) but am a little curious.

    Anyhow.. a little about myself since I was last here:

    I got through and graduated highschool.. thank god
    I am now in my 3rd year doing a BEng in mechanical engineering (going for my bachelors.. I hate school)
    Right after the time I stopped visiting this site I joined the Canadian Forces part time as a naval reservist and now I have 5 years in since I signed the dotted line. I pay my university costs in full with this (good parttime job as a student.. I just grossed the $20k mark.. of course deductions beat the crap out of that)
    I will be doing a component transfer the regular force to an officer position once I am done university. Outside of school and work I go to the gym 3 times a week to work out and have definately gained quite the amount of strength since I last visited (everyone compares the banchpress.. so five years back it was barely 145lbs for a set of 10... now I am working on 335lbs for a set of 10) (... I might have gotten half an inch taller but went from 170lbs to currently 220lbs of hard muscle)

    Other things since then:

    Since I work with machinery at my work. I have developed a nasty habit of swearing at times (well I always had it but at work it is the norm). I also with my friend have been doing my own fixing for the three cars that we have. I still have a keen interest in computers but back then with the dot com bust and in 2003 when my stepdad lost his first computer job and had to look for one and they had mediocre pay and benefits I said f*** that and went in engineering instead. I still live at home with my mom and stepdad but since then they bought a house right after 9/11 since the housing market took the crapper and prices were just right ($130k bungalo gotten for $105k). I still have the same shawcable service but now the whole city is on it and it gets its peak and slow times..... no upgrade to DOCSIS here in the near future even though I have an SB5100 from one of their other cablesystems (my military job demands travel during the summer.. so that is why I have the SB5100 since most other calbesystems are using this).

    Anyhow I am going to stop this novel here:

    Anyone feeling like dropping me a line on MSN can do so at <-- it already gets spam

    My actual email ( I can give out by PM (your board I assume supports private messages) since I do not want spam hitting this box as I use it for unclassified email forwards from my work.

    ICQ: 82590348
    AIM: dkannegi
    MSN: <--MSN IM only, email is spam trap and is rarely checked
    email by request

    So what new features are on the site besides the fact it had one hell of a face lift?

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    Welcome back

    Accounts info was never purged actually, not sure why you couldn't login before.

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