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Thread: Multiple WANS for Remote access

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    Multiple WANS for Remote access

    I would like to set up dual WAN NICís for redundant remote access in SBS 2003 Premium

    If I set a secondary IP address for the A-Record on the domain URL for remote access, then if the primary ISP is down the VPN connectoid should be directed to the secondary IP address.

    Then I need to set up a 3rd NIC in the server with the IP address for the secondary ISP. (server already has 2 nic's, 1-LAN and 1-WAN)

    How can I configure SBS to listen on 2 NICS for remote access clients?

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    Are you using the ISA option of SBS Premium? Or is she just setup with SecureNAT?
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    Yes, I am using ISA with SBS 2003 premium.

    The remote access is accomplished with the connectoid that is pushed to the clients during their initial joining to the domian

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